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Scholarship Funds provide the opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and other groups to make the dream of higher education come true for students across our region. Whether you create a new scholarship or contribute to an existing one, our team will work with you to ensure your gift helps others advance their education while aligning with the educational values important to you.

With the assistance of our staff, you can determine scholarship guidelines, award amounts, and the selection committee.

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“We created our fund in honor of my son, Drew Passmore, to help local high school students participate in sports, camps, and mission trips that otherwise might not be able to participate. These are the things Drew loved.”

Andy Passmore, Drew Passmore Battlewon Foundation Fund

Fast Facts:

Can a donor specify selection requirements for scholarship recipients?

Yes, our staff will assist you to develop the selection criteria. Awards can go to particular schools or geographic areas, or specific fields of study. You can also specify GPA requirements and other metrics.

Do scholarship funds only support college students?

You have the power to set up a scholarship fund for any educational pursuit, which can begin with early childhood education and go through higher education or adult continuing education.

Why do scholarship funds have a selection committee?

A committee must review all scholarship applications and select award recipients based on a competitive process with established criteria. A donor may request to name specific individuals to serve on their selection committee and even choose to be a member of the committee.

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Ready to set up your fund?

Contact Matthew Nelson, Director of Development and Fundholder Services, here or 706-724-1314.