There is nothing quite so important as an education, and we are proud to organize and administer scholarship programs for deserving students from throughout our six-county area.

Our donors believe in the power of education and have chosen to make a difference by helping deserving students pursue their dreams of higher education. We have 22 scholarship funds established by donors so youth across our region can improve their lives and ultimately our community by continuing their education.

Most of the scholarships managed by the Community Foundation are available for students who will graduate from high school in the spring of the current year and plan to continue their education in the fall, and we will welcome and consider all applications.

There are no current open applications at this time. Please continue to check back for updates.

Send a Kid to College

Post-secondary education is one of the best ways for individuals to improve their lives and is a benchmark of a prosperous, thriving community.

Scholarship Funds are a way to invest in the future of our community by making the dream of a higher education come true for students across our region. Helping a deserving student to attain their higher educational goals is a rewarding experience, and we welcome your generosity in pursuit of this worthy cause.

Scholarships can be established by individuals, families, businesses and other groups, and our experienced staff will work with you to identify your personal charitable goals and design a scholarship fund that aligns with the educational values important to you.

Starting a fund is easy, and we are here to help.



Q: Who can receive a scholarship through the Community Foundation?

A: Our scholarship funds support a diverse range of students. The majority serve high school students about to graduate; however, some do benefit students enrolled in colleges or universities.

Q: How much funding do the scholarships provide?

A: Individual scholarship awards vary, but most range in size from $500- $2000.

Q: Are your scholarships competitive?

A: Many of our scholarships are specialized for students graduating from particular schools or pursuing specific career paths. They are not usually extremely competitive.

Q: How are recipients of scholarships selected?

A: Each scholarship fund has its own unique selection committee. The Community Foundation processes the applications to provide to the committees for review.

Erin Starnes

Here to Help!

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Starnes, Scholarships & Programs Associate, at or 706-724-1314.