There is nothing quite so important as an education, and we are proud to organize and administer scholarship programs for deserving students from throughout our six-county area.

Our donors believe in the power of education and have chosen to make a difference by helping deserving students pursue their dreams of higher education. We have multiple scholarship funds established by donors so youth across our region can improve their lives and ultimately our community by continuing their education.

Most of the scholarships managed by the Community Foundation are available for students who will graduate from high school in the spring of the current year and plan to continue their education in the fall, and we will welcome and consider all applications.

The Sandra Waller Neville Endowed Scholarship

The Sandra Waller Neville Memorial Endowment offers this scholarship to one Augusta University senior dental hygiene student who meets the requirements below. The scholarship amount is $1000 to be used for tuition* or other educational related expenses associated with pursuing a dental hygiene degree.

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Application Opens: August 11

Application Closes: September 30

Scholarship Amount: $1,000

Application Requirements:

  • Must currently be enrolled at Augusta University
  • Must be in last year of dental hygiene undergraduate program with plans to graduate the following May
  • Must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in all dental hygiene course work at Augusta University
  • Must include with the application a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, a mentor, or someone within the community other than a family member
  • Must be a resident of Georgia or South Carolina residing in the CSRA, including Wilkes, Burke, Lincoln, McDuffie, Warren, Glasscock, Jefferson, Richmond and Columbia counties in Georgia and Aiken and Edgefield counties in South Carolina

Submit applications to:
The Sandra Waller Neville Endowed Scholarship
C/O Community Foundation for the CSRA
P.O. Box 31358
Augusta, GA 30903

Questions: Contact Kathryn Zotter at

Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Georgia Scholarship

The Asama Coldwater Manufacturing (ACM) Georgia Scholarship awards scholarships to graduates of a Warren County high school (current year or Previous). Eligible career paths include programs in or directly related to manufacturing, technology, engineering, or business.

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2o20 ACM Application

Application Opens: January

Application Closes: April

Scholarship Amount: $1,000 renewable for three consecutive years after original award is made, provided all requirements are met for renewal

Eligible Career Paths: Programs in or directly related to manufacturing, technology, engineering, or business.

Application Requirements:

  • Applicant is a graduate of a Warren County high school (current year or Previous)
  • Applicant completed high school with a minimum GPA of 2.80
  • The availability of other financial assistance, grants and/or scholarships to the Applicants will be considered. Preference will to made to applicants who are not likely to have other assistance
  • Applicant acceptance or attendance at an accredited secondary education institution, including trade schools, technical colleges and community colleges, colleges and universities
  • The applicant’s level of motivation, effort and diligence in the pursuit of further education as demonstrated in a personal letter stating goals will be considered

Questions: Contact Erin Starnes at

Neighborhood Renewal Scholarship

This scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation for The Central Savannah River Area, Inc. and is funded by Georgia Power Company and Fluor Corporation for the purpose of granting scholarships to students in the neighborhood and community of the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant.

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2020 Neighborhood Renewal Instructions
2020 Neighborhood Renewal Application

Application Opens: January

Application Closes: March

Scholarship Amount: up to $5,000 per year per recipient

Eligible Career Paths: applicant must reside in Burke County, Georgia, preferably within a 10-mile radius of Plant Vogtle, and must have plans to pursue a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) degree

Application Requirements: Scholarship awards are subject to conditions of enrollment, usage of scholarship funds, grade requirements, availability of funds and other criteria, including Recipient’s (as defined below) good moral character. Acceptance of scholarship funds constitutes acceptance of all associated terms and conditions. To apply for an award, an application will:

  • Answer each question on the application honestly and completely
  • Include official high school transcript
  • Enclose one (1) full page essay, typed and double-spaced, describing your educational and career goals, how you became interested in STEM education, and how will you plan give back to your community after graduating from the Learning Institution
  • Enclose two (2) letters of recommendation from adult, non-family members (i.e., employer, teacher, religious leader, mentor, club sponsor, coach, etc.
  • Scholastic achievement, attendance, extra-curricular activities, community service and financial need are also considered; however, financial need is not a determinative factor

Questions: Contact Suzanne E. Sharkey at

Ruth F. Wallace Scholarship

Established to honor Mrs. Ruth F. Wallace, the purpose of this Scholarship Fund is to assist eligible students in McDuffie County, specifically Thomson High School graduates, to continue their pursuit of secondary education.

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2020 Ruth F. Wallace Application

Application Opens: January 18

Application Closes: March 12

Scholarship Amount: $1,000 renewable for three consecutive years after original award is made, provided all requirements are met for renewal

Eligible Career Paths: Programs in or directly related to business, education, engineering, manufacturing, or technology

Application Requirements:

  • The applicant shall be a resident of McDuffie County
  • The applicant shall be a graduate of Thomson High School
  • First consideration shall be given to a student who needs financial assistance to continue his/her education in the pursuit of their chosen degree/career
  • Additional consideration shall be given to an applicant who will graduate with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • The applicant shall have been active in community, church or extra-curricular activities
  • The applicant shall have scored a minimum 1000 on the SAT or 25 on the ACT

Questions: Contact Erin Starnes at

Send a Kid to College

Post-secondary education is one of the best ways for individuals to improve their lives and is a benchmark of a prosperous, thriving community.

Scholarship Funds are a way to invest in the future of our community by making the dream of a higher education come true for students across our region. Helping a deserving student to attain their higher educational goals is a rewarding experience, and we welcome your generosity in pursuit of this worthy cause.

Scholarships can be established by individuals, families, businesses and other groups, and our experienced staff will work with you to identify your personal charitable goals and design a scholarship fund that aligns with the educational values important to you.

Starting a fund is easy, and we are here to help.



Q: Who can receive a scholarship through the Community Foundation?

A: Our scholarship funds support a diverse range of students. The majority serve high school students about to graduate; however, some do benefit students enrolled in colleges or universities.

Q: How much funding do the scholarships provide?

A: Individual scholarship awards vary, but most range in size from $500- $2000.

Q: Are your scholarships competitive?

A: Many of our scholarships are specialized for students graduating from particular schools or pursuing specific career paths. They are not usually extremely competitive.

Q: How are recipients of scholarships selected?

A: Each scholarship fund has its own unique selection committee. The Community Foundation processes the applications to provide to the committees for review.

Erin Starnes

Here to Help!

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Starnes, Scholarships & Programs Associate, at or 706-724-1314.