Field of Interest Funds

Focus on your passions

Do you have a specific area of interest you would like to support and are interested in learning about effective nonprofits doing good work around that cause? Then consider the flexibility afforded by our Field of Interest Funds.

With a Field of Interest Fund, you have the opportunity to support changing needs and a variety of nonprofits focused on your area of interest, and our experienced staff and grant committees can work with you to identify programs and projects that are making the greatest impact in our area of choice.

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“We became interested in the flexibility and support that a Field of Interest Fund could provide. It enables the founders of our fund to do what we do best: identify tip of the spear, novel and less toxic childhood cancer research options, raise money to fund those options and care for our children who have been in the fight of their lives. We are freed from the requirement of all the back office work. The Community Foundation provides all of that as well as providing our donors with the utmost confidence in the handling of their donations.”

Tara Simpkins - Press On Fund

Fast Facts:

How do I establish a Field of Interest Fund?

Once details are discussed about your area of interest, establishing a fund is as simple as signing a fund agreement and making your initial contribution.

What types of donors consider establishing a Field of Interest fund?

This type of fund is ideal for someone interested in addressing needs in a specific area and who desires the expertise of our staff to assist in finding effective nonprofits working in that field. They are an excellent way for individuals and families who wish to leave a legacy of charitable support for a specific cause.

How does my fund grow over time?

Your funds are managed according to our investment policy to protect your principal, generate earnings and income, and ensure capital growth.

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Ready to set up your fund?

Contact Matthew Nelson, Director of Development & Fundholder Services, here or 706-724-1314.