Donor Advised Funds

Play an active role in your charitable giving

Donor Advised Funds are ideal for individuals, families and businesses that want be actively involved in their giving over time. We can help you articulate your goals, then, we execute your plan for you.

A preferred vehicle for charitable giving, these funds allow you to make a tax-deductible gift when the time is best for you and then recommend grants to nonprofit organizations of your choosing over time.

The Community Foundation can accept gifts of cash, stock, or other assets to establish your Fund. Our staff will work closely with your professional advisors to help facilitate donations of all types. You will qualify for an immediate income tax deduction and then begin actively engaging in your philanthropy.

We handle all administrative tasks associated with achieving your goals by keeping track of your gifts and grants and providing you with quarterly statements of activity. Our online portal also offers you access to your fund at any time, allowing you to choose the charities you want to support when it is convenient for you.

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“I started my Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation in 2001. I was particularly interested in this type of fund, as you can donate stocks when the timing is right but make charitable gifts at any time. The vehicle utilized to make a stock donation on appreciated stock eliminates the Capital Gain and provides a gift with low cost basis. I now have a history with the Community Foundation of 18 years, and it is seamless with the paperwork and reporting, and the funds are wisely invested with a strong advisory board.”


Fast Facts

What charities can I recommend a grant to?

A fund advisor may recommend a grant to support any verified 501(c)(3) public charity operating locally, nationally, or internationally. We review and approve your request, then make the grant in your fund’s name.

How can a donor-advised fund simplify my giving?

Limit tracking and filing numerous charitable receipts to just one with the Community Foundation by managing all your giving through a fund.

What does it take to set up a donor-advised fund?

It’s easy and can be set up within a day. You select the name for your fund, sign a fund agreement, and make your initial contribution to get started.

How does my principal grow over time?

Your funds are managed according to our investment policy to protect your principal, generate income, and ensure tax-free growth.

How do I make a grant from my fund?

A fund advisor submits grant recommendation via our online donor portal. The Foundation ensures your request is to a qualified nonprofit, then prepares the grant award letters and checks.

Do grants have to be made every year?

Grants are not required annually. We do, however, encourage advisors to grant to ensure that the charitable intent of the fund is carried out.

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Ready to set up your fund?

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