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Our financial policies adhere to the highest standards of stewardship, trust and transparency in order to protect and preserve the assets that our donors entrust to us today. It’s our commitment to our donors and the communities we serve to ensure sufficient dollars are available today and to address the needs of tomorrow.

Investment Policy

The Investment Committee of the Board of Directors of the Foundation is responsible for oversight of all financial activities of the Foundation. The Investment Committee, in consultation with our money management firm, annually reviews and updates our Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS sets guidelines for our asset allocation strategy.

Endowed funds established with the Community Foundation for the CSRA are held in perpetuity and are given constant stewardship by the Board of Directors, Investment Committee and our professional staff to ensure that their intended purposes are carried out within a constantly changing community.

Our overall investment strategy is a delicate balance of serving the needs of our region today while growing our endowment through disciplined, long-term investment objectives to remain financially sustainable to address community needs and opportunities tomorrow.

Spending Rule

The Community Foundation for the CSRA currently recommends a spending policy of 4.5 percent of the average of the fund balance over the past three years, or such shorter time as may be available. According to available research and based on long-term market performance, the spendable amount is historically the amount that most permanent endowments can distribute annually and maintain principal value in real dollars. This preserves the “philanthropic power” of endowment dollars by protecting the fund’s value against inflation and year-to-year fluctuations in the investment market.


For most gifts, no more than one cent of every dollar goes to administrative fees, which maximizes the amount you can use to impact our community. During the formative years of the Community Foundation’s history, our leaders created an operational endowment so that the organization could focus on its mission and not compete with other nonprofits for critical operating support. The administrative fee is designed to defray the cost associated with providing administrative and program functions necessary to manage each fund.

Investment Management fees, which vary among managers, are netted against the performance of individual funds.

Financial Documents

IRS Determination Letter

IRS Form 990


Audited Financials

Previous years for 990 and Audited Financials are available upon request

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