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The Community Foundation’s donor portal is a convenient online platform that provides you with the ability to track and manage your giving. You may easily access your fund balance, giving history and recommend grants to support the causes and nonprofits you care about – anywhere, anytime.


If you need to set up a login, please contact our offices at 706-724-1314.

Guidelines for Appropriate Grantmaking

How do I make a grant recommendation?

Grant recommendations from donors and/or advisors are welcome anytime. Simply log in to our donor portal to make your online recommendation.

Which organizations may I recommend?

You can recommend grants to qualified nonprofits (501c3), schools, government programs, and faith-based organizations. Donors and/or donor advisors are not permitted to receive any benefit in exchange for a grant.
To determine whether an entity is eligible to receive a grant, the Community Foundation relies on charitable guidelines provided by the IRS.

What are examples of prohibited types of benefits from making grant recommendations?
  • Membership Dues
  • Auction items
  • Tickets to charitable functions
  • Priority seating at sporting events
  • Scholarships through a Donor Advised Fund
  • Fulfilling legal binding personal pledges or obligations
When will grant recommendation payments be made?

The Community Foundation processes grant requests twice a month with a few exceptions. Below are the remaining 2024 closing dates with payments expected to be made the following week. Recommendations can be made anytime and fundholders can view the status of the recommendation via the portal. A team member will connect if there are any questions about the recommendation and, as always, if you have any questions, please connect with our team.

February 16 July 26
March 1 August 9
March 22 August 23
April 12 September 13
May 3 October 4
May 17 October 18
May 31 November 1
June 21 November 15
July 12 November 29
December 13
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Discover Granting Opportunities

Not sure what nonprofits you want to support but know that you want to make a difference? Rely on our expert staff to apprise you of valuable projects and programs in our area. Contact our team today to receive information and support you need to make the most significant impact.

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Have Questions?

If you have questions or want to discuss other ways we can help, contact Matthew Nelson, Director of Development and Fundholder Services, here or at 706-724-1314.

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