Nonprofit Resources

Strong nonprofits = strong communities

We are fortunate to have many strong and vibrant nonprofits working in our community. We want you to be able to continue to succeed with your valuable work and find new ways to build on your mission. We hope that providing you with these additional resources will help you on that journey.

Process of Becoming A NonProfit

NonProfit Organizational Resources

Nonprofits may go to the following nonprofit watchdog services to complete organizational information and to check for listings accuracy.

Provides information on nonprofits to include 990’s.

Charity Navigator:
Provides information on nonprofits to donors to include a rating system.


Technology and Marketing

Large library of free high-quality images that can be used in marketing.

Hoot Suite:
Free site (up to three platforms) that will allow you to manage and schedule your social media posts.

Free site that will allow you to produce professional looking marketing materials.

Survey Monkey:
Provides free, customizable surveys.

Adobe Express for Nonprofits:
Adobe grants 501(c)(3) Nonprofits in the United States free access to Adobe Express Premium. Adobe Express Premium grants access to video creation tools, social media content scheduling, PDF editing, royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos, and free document templates.

Tech Soup:
One-stop resource for information on technology and low-cost hardware and software for nonprofits.

Free site that allows you to poll individuals for best meeting times.

Free conference calling for up to 10 people.


Nonprofit Podcasts, Free on iTunes

Nonprofit Optimist: with Molly MacCready

Conquering Nonprofit Chaos: with Bradley Burck

Nonprofits are Messy: with Joan Garry

Nonprofit Ally: with Steve Vick

The Nonprofit Coach: with Ted Hart

What Donors Want: by I.G. Advisors

photo of Lasima Turmon

For more information about resources for nonprofits, contact Lasima Turmon, Sr. Program Officer, here or at 706-724-1314.

Stay Informed

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