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Benefits of Investing With The Community Foundation

Permanence: A Gift to The Community Foundation can benefit the community in perpetuity. Donors can be confident that "endowment gifts" will always be available to meet the pressing and changing needs that exist in our great community.

Simplicity: Creating a philanthropic Fund through The Community Foundation is simple and quick, avoiding the legal complexity, administrative burdens and compliance requirements of establishing and maintaining a private foundation. The Community Foundation manages all investments, processes Fund distributions and files appropriate tax returns.

Flexibility: The Community Foundation can accept nearly any kind of gift - from cash and real estate to stock and other appreciated assets. An individual, family, business or organization can create a philanthropic Fund for any charitable purpose.

Tax Benefits: Gifts and bequests to The Community Foundation will receive the maximum income, gift and estate tax benefits. Integrating a charitable giving program through The Community Foundation with your overall financial plan can further these benefits.

Community Impact: Giving through The Community Foundation allows donors to put their charitable dollars directly to work in their community or across a broader geographic area, if desired. The Community Foundation offers insight into community needs and the organizations fulfilling those needs.

Recognition or Anonymity: Endowing a Fund with The Community Foundation is a fitting way to memorialize or honor a loved one and create a permanent legacy that will be remembered for generations. Conversely, The Community Foundation can carefully protect a donor's identity, if desired.

Cost Effectiveness: Because The Community Foundation manages many individual donor gifts; it can serve and administer each of them at a fraction of the cost of a private foundation or other, smaller nonprofit organizations.

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