2022 Community Grants Panel Member Information

Thank you for agreeing to serve on a volunteer panel for the 2022 Community Grants process. We truly value your time and your wisdom as you help us select this year’s grant recipients. You will find resources on this page to assist you during the grant process. We will continue to add information and resources as they become available. We are here to help, so do not hesitate to call if you need more information.

Complete the Panel Registration Form

How do I get to GLM again?

Easy - just click below. Use the email address you provided during registration. If you are a new panelist, click on "Forgot your password?" to establish your password. Please contact Erin at erinstarnes@cfcsra.org for assistance.

GLM Login 

What are the deadlines for the grant process?
  • Thursday, September 30 - Nonprofit assignments provided by 5pm ET
  • Friday, October 1 - Friday, October 8 - Panel Chairs begin setting up site visits
  • Sunday, October 31 - All evaluations due to CFCSRA by midnight (earlier is encouraged)
  • Friday, December 3 - Announcement of awardees - exact details TBD
What are my responsibilities as a Panel Chair?
What is a site visit and how can I prepare for it?

Site visits are opportunities for a non-profit organization to have a chance to tell their story outside of what they submitted in their application. Here is how you can prepare:

  • Make sure you read the application thoroughly before the visit.
  • Prepare questions in advance and don't hesitate to ask questions even if they are not part of the application.
  • Try and be as consistent as you can with questions asked of each reviewed organization.
  • Ensure you have a panel member who will be in charge of coordinating, creating and hosting the zoom meeting.
  • Ensure you have a minimum of three (3) panel members at each visit. Preference is to have as many panel members as possible.

Preparation for the Virtual Site Visit 

What should I ask the non-profit organizations during a site visit?

Feel free to download the "Site Visit Questions" to use during the site visits.

Site Visit Questions 

How will the non-profits prepare for a site visit?

We have communicated with our non-profits and provided guidelines on how they can best prepare for your visit. If you would like to review that document, please do.

Non-Profits Prep for Virtual Site Visit 

What is a good outcome?
How do I use Zoom?

For a step-by-step process:

Zoom Tutorial

Or visit:

Zoom Website 

Who should I contact if I need Zoom assistance?

Reach out to the staff member who is on call on the date of your site visit.

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What if I missed the trainings?

No worries. You can watch a recorded session.

Recorded Training

To review just the slides.

Panel Training Slides

To review how to use GLM/Evaluation software.

Recorded GLM Training

How can I learn more about the Community Grants Program?

Visit our website.

Community Grants 

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