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2019 Annual Nonprofit Conference

May 21, 2019



8:30 – 9:15      Register and Network

9:15 – 9:30      Welcome                    

9:30 – 10:30    Key Note
Dr. Geoffrey Nagle, President/CEO Erikson Institute

1,111 Days.  Find out why that number has been proven to be so important in the life of every person regardless of socioeconomic status, gender or ethnicity.  Dr. Nagle will lead us through the latest research on brain development and how it impacts so much of the work each of us does. Hearing about, understanding and implementing change around this research could positively impact how we look at our work, our community and our part in making it better.

10:30 – 11:30 Brain Game
 Mindy Binderman, Executive Director, GEEARS

Every brain tells a story.  Join in with other attendees as we work in small groups to build a healthy brain.  In the nonprofit community, health services, schools and criminal justice system, so many of the challenges we address day to day can be attributed to brain development at an early age and the traumas that we face.  Through a game, you will gain a better understanding of the genesis of entrenched issues that we all address as a society, and how by reshaping how we look at some of these issues and their root causes we may find new ways to solve generational problems. 

11:30 – 1:00    Lunch
            Conversations with Colleagues

Join others who work in your nonprofit sector to discuss challenges, successful strategies and brainstorm ideas on how nonprofits can work together to maximize scarce resources. 

1:00 – 2:00      Meet the Funders
Atiba Mbiwan, Associate Director, Zeist Foundation
           Lisa Medelin, Director of Programs, Healthcare Georgia Foundation
           Danielee Gray, Program Officer, R. Howard Dobbs Jr. Foundation

If you have worked in a nonprofit in the CSRA, and part of your role is to fundraise, you have asked the question “I wonder how I could get money from a foundation in Atlanta, isn’t that were all the money is?” We have invited three Atlanta Foundations to join us and talk us through that mysterious world.  They will discuss the philosophy of giving as it relates to Atlanta foundations that fund around the state, how to navigate relationship building with a foundation in another city and best practices that they look for in a successful grant applicant.

There will be a question and answer period so please come prepared with your questions. 

2:00 – 3:30      Breakout Sessions

Developing a Winning Strategy for Georgia Gives Day
Kathy Keeley, Executive Vice President, Georgia Center for Nonprofits

Georgia Gives has combined with Giving Tuesday with a new platform and set of tools.  All nonprofits that raise money from individuals need to include Giving Tuesday as part of their yearend campaign.  This workshop will provide an overview of Georgia Gives, the new platform launched in Jan 2019, and how to structure the campaign for greatest impact as part of your yearend appeal.   Georgia Gives provides an opportunity to use your social media platform, participate in peer to peer fundraising, and engage your community to support your annual campaign.  

Nonprofit Cyber Security - What You Need to Know 
Lizzie Tinker, Cyber Security Manager, Elliot Davis

If your nonprofit has a website, and you engage in any of the following: e-commerce to include processing donations or event registrations, storing or transferring personally identifiable information about anyone including donors or clients, collecting information on preference and habits of donors or patrons through e-news or storing data in the cloud, then it is time to get serious about cyber security.  Join Lizzie as she talks about these issues, how they could impact your donors and volunteers and how you can increase your security profile.          

Taking Care of yourself while you're taking care of others
Tara Simkins J.D.  Life Coach, Author and Founder of Soul Works

Join Tara in this breakout session as she guides you in the necessity of learning to take care of yourself first so that you may increase the impact you are making in your community through your nonprofit work.

Your community needs you…. Your nonprofit needs you…. The people you serve through your nonprofit need you…. Your family needs you.

But what about you?     You need you, too.     This is the nonprofit worker’s dilemma.

And I bet you are feeling it right now.  You see all of the breakout sessions being offered at this time.  You read the title for this breakout session, and you thought,

I need that, but …  I really need to go to that other session that is going to help me figure out xyz problem at work.

Tara is here to give you permission to see all the other work you have done in this amazing training the Community Foundation has provided for you.  You have collected tons of information to take back and implement in your nonprofit.

It is enough.

Strengthening your Mission through a Strong Board
Troy Breitmann, CFP, CTFA, Vice President & Trust Officer, Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co.

Learn how to strengthen your mission and maximize your organizations fundraising potential through a strong engaged board.  In this session you will learn about some of the primary duties of your board, to include fiduciary responsibilities, governance and loyalty.  You will also discuss board roles and expectations, board recruitment and fundraising practices.  Learn how to engage your board in a way that will help your mission, keep them focused, be great advocates for your organization and avoid complacency and poor decision making.  


3:30- 5:00        Breakout Sessions

Key Strategies for Running a Nonprofit
Julie Miller, Regional Manager, Georgia Family Connection Partnership

How is an executive director like an air traffic controller? There are moving targets coming at you every day and if you take your eyes off the blips, you are risking disaster. To outsiders that probably sounds exaggerated. But for many nonprofits, people's lives are literally at stake. Every executive director feels the stress of every single decision. If one of my employees doesn't do their job, will our client be harmed? Do I have enough revenue to cover the organization's expenses? Is my board of directors satisfied with the organization's performance? Are we meeting our goals? What happens if the grant goes away? So how do you manage the onslaught of decision-making necessary to keep the organization at peak performance? Join Julie for an interactive discussion designed to help executive directors, CEO’s and nonprofit leaders not only survive but thrive in the roles of manager, leader and supporter. 

Marketing Beyond Mellennials
Rick Donaldson, CEO, M3 Agency

Baby Boomers, Generation X Millennials and now Generation Z!  Generational marketing, particularly over the past couple of decades, has become more of a challenge to the nonprofit community as we try to determine how to recruit volunteers and raise critical resources.  On top of that there are so may social media platforms to contend with along with a need for a strong Web presence. In this session you will learn how to determine who your target audience is, how different types of social media and websites are best used for different types of messaging and how you can better focus your marketing staff time and dollars to achieve your mission. 

Meaningful and Strategic Budgeting for Nonprofits
Sharon Blitch, CFO Manager, SME
Kelly McCauley, CPA, SME

Non-profits can find it challenging to sustain and improve their operations. A well-planned budget is key to maintaining the health of your organization, can help you achieve your goals and objectives, and can assist you in presenting a complete picture of the health of your organization to potential funders.  Join us as we discuss best practices of budgeting for Nonprofits.

Momentum for the Arts, Where Are You Now?
Shell Berry, President and CEO, Community Foundation for the CSRA

Shell will facilitate a conversation for those 20 arts organizations who participated in the Momentum program. What ideas did you implement? Did they work? What has changed significantly since graduating from the program? Come enjoy reconnecting with your fellow professionals and sharing your current successes and challenges.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center
1833 Broad Street, Augusta GA.

Click PDF to read the bios of our 2019 Nonprofit Conference presenters.

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