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2018 Unrestricted Grant Recipients

On November 29, 2017, the Board of Directors of The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) approved the awarding of 57 grants totaling $622,196 to deserving area agencies.  Each of these agencies meets pressing and changing community needs, improving the quality of life for the individuals they serve in the areas of education, children and family services, health and human services, arts and culture, community development, civic affairs, as well as environmental and animal services.  These grants are made available through the Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund, which is primarily supported by the Masters Tournament.  Unrestricted funds give the Foundation great flexibility in making grants to address the needs in Richmond, Columbia, McDuffie and Burke counties in Georgia, and Aiken and Edgefield counties in South Carolina.

This year’s process included a total of 19 panels of volunteers involving 124 dedicated individuals who reviewed applications, conducted site visits and brought recommendations to the Grants Committee of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The panel volunteers ranked their reviewed organizations such that the top organization received full funding; the second organization received 85 percent of their grant request; and the third organization received 45 percent of their grant request.

The 2018 Unrestricted Fund Grant Award Recipients are as follows:

Action Ministries, Inc. - $15,000

For 54 years, Action Ministries has mobilized communities across North Georgia to address the challenges of poverty.  This grant will be used to support the provision of stable housing to homeless individuals and low-income families.

Augusta Therapy Academy, Inc. - $15,000

Augusta Therapy Academy provides an inclusive education that focuses on children with special medical and education needs. This grant will directly pay network providers for therapy services provided to low income or underinsured children.

Augusta University (Research Division) - $15,000

Augusta University’s English program’s Schools Project is a collaborative program with CSRA professors, teachers, technicians, artists, and students. This grant will help fund the creation of two free early childhood literacy apps, available in both Apple and Android: Brainy Words 2000 (introducing over 2000 vocabulary words) and Brainy Phonics (26 alphabet letters, 92 phonemes, 92 Dolch sight words).

Barefoot Productions (Creative Impressions) - $10,000

For 21 years, Creative Impressions has actively sought to enrich the lives of youth whose artistic gifts have not been recognized or who did not have the resources to develop their talents.  This grant will provide financial support for the music/arts education component of the program.

Child Advocacy Center of Aiken - $15,000

The Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County will increase its capacity to provide child-focused services including forensic interviews, medical forensic evaluations and therapy sessions for children who were victims of abuse or witness to violence.

Christ Community Health Services of Augusta - $15,000

The mission of Christ Community Health Services of Augusta is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and demonstrate His love by providing affordable, quality primary medical and dental care to the under-served of the CSRA. This funding will be used further that mission.

Edgefield County First Steps - $4,000

Edgefield County First Steps is part of South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness, which is a comprehensive, results-oriented statewide initiative to help prepare children for first grade - healthy and ready to succeed. This grant will be used as a match for state funding and will cover the costs of the program. 

Family Counseling Center of the CSRA - $15,000

The Family Counseling Center is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency that provides professional individual, couple, family, and group counseling services to residents of the CSRA regardless of their ability to pay. This grant will assist in hiring two new staff members.

Fireside Ministries - $15,000

Through prevention and intervention, Fireside Ministries works to stabilize and strengthen the family and as a result stabilize the community. This grant will be used to begin a strings ensemble after school program for low income children.

Friendship Community Center - $15,000

The purpose of Friendship Community Center is to offer behavioral guidance to individuals suffering from long-term depression and the symptoms resulting from their bipolar/schizophrenic diagnoses.  This grant will help fund "Women Gaining Freedom to Explore". This project, for women with limited means, gives them an opportunity to explore resources in the community that provide socialization growth and build their confidence

Heritage Academy - $15,000

Heritage Academy is an independent school offering a quality Christ-centered education to children of diverse economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. This grant will equip the current cafeteria so that it can become a fully functional kitchen available to the school and all of the collaborating partners, truly a community space.

Julie’s House - $15,000

Julie’s House provides transitional housing and supportive services to homeless women and their children. This grant will help cover the costs associated with the shelter.

Mental Health America Aiken County (MHA) - $15,000

The mission of MHA is to serve as an advocate and provide support to those affected with mental illness and to respond to the needs of individuals in crisis. This grant will fund "Thriving Together" a structured aftercare program for families as they exit the transitional housing program and enter permanent housing.

New Bethlehem Community Center - $15,000

The history of New Bethlehem Community Center began in 1911 when a Methodist deaconess was appointed to begin a social settlement for African Americans in Augusta. This grant will help purchase fresh food to supplement the food pantry. 

Old Fella Burke County - $15,000

Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue works to improve the quality of life of forsaken companion animals by giving them medical care, food, water, shelter, and love via a foster home network and through adoption and transport efforts to find suitable forever homes.  This grant will help pay for these efforts. 

Restart Augusta - $12,000

ReStart Augusta furnishes beds and bedding for individuals in the Augusta area who do not have a bed and lack the funds to buy one.  This funding will help purchase needed supplies for this program. 

Society of St. Vincent DePaul - $15,000

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international lay organization, established in 1833, that is dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing direct financial, material, educational and spiritual assistance to anyone in need.  This grant will be used to support these efforts throughout McDuffie County. 

The RECing Crew - $15,000

Alley Cats, a program of the RECing Crew, is a weekly adaptive bowling program for individuals 6 years and above with visual, hearing, intellectual and/or physical disabilities. This grant will help cover the costs associated with this program.

When Help Can’t Wait - $15,000

The mission of When Help Can’t Wait, is to donate basic need items to low income seniors in Nursing homes who have no family to provide for them.  This grant will help purchase these items. 


Area Churches Together Serving (ACTS) - $12,750

ACTS, supported by 60 local churches, provides combined-service outreach to help the poor and needy in Aiken County by providing assistance with food, clothing, prescriptions and utilities. This grant will help support the costs associate with their new program facility in Graniteville. 

Augusta Ballet - $11,900

Augusta Ballet has a 53-year history of presenting outstanding ballet performances in Augusta. This grant will help bring “Ballets with a Twist”, a modern ballet company to Augusta and will also help fund the Ballet’s school outreach program. 

Augusta Mini Theater – $12,750 

Augusta Mini Theater is an arts and life skills school that focuses on multiple art disciplines.  This grant will provide tuition assistance to low to moderately-low income students desiring to enroll in programs and services who lack the financial means to do so.

Augusta Technical College Foundation - $12,750

This grant will be used to purchase a virtual Phlebotomy Simulator.  It will allow Medical Assisting students to train and enhance their phlebotomy skills in a controlled environment prior to attending clinical.

Camp Happy Days - $4,250

Camp Happy Days’ mission is to offer support and encouragement to children diagnosed with cancer, and their families, by providing cost free, year-round programs, special events and access to crisis resources.  This grant will help support programs to include: summer camp, Extreme Teen, Pre-Teen and the Doodlebugs.

Child Enrichment, Inc. (Child Advocacy Center, Augusta) - $12,750

The Child Advocacy Center of Child Enrichment addresses the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children by providing specialized therapy and support services and by referring families to additional resources they may need to continue the healing process.  This grant will help pay for vital day to day services such as:  therapy materials, education and awareness, and forensic interview materials. 

Diamonds in the Ruff - $12,750

Diamonds in the Ruff provides for extraordinary veterinary services for homeless, discarded or abandoned felines. They also provide a spay and release program.  This grant will help pay for these services. 

Downtown Cooperative Church Ministries (DCCM) - $12,750

DCCM is about feeding the hungry in our community.  This grant will be used to purchase fresh and frozen food to be given to those in need.

Family Connection of Columbia County (CCCC) - $12,750

Family Connection of Columbia County helps youth succeed by providing quality afterschool programs, prevention services, and workforce development opportunities for teens.  This grant will be used to support the Foods4Kids Program.  This program ensures kids have meals when not in school. 

Family Promise of Augusta - $12,750  

Family Promise of Augusta helps homeless families with children regain their independence. This grant will provide supportive services in the Day Center, Children’s Day Center, and the Transitional Dwelling. 

Hope for Augusta - $12,750

The College for Kids program is an educational day camp that serves kids from downtown Augusta neighborhoods, who are in grades K through 5, for four weeks in June. This grant will help cover the costs associated with the summer program. 

Koinonia Community Development Corporation – $12,750

Koinonia Community Development Corporation is an organization that facilitates community development and social services targeting East Augusta communities.  The grant will be used to clean up mold and mildew issues from a roof leak in their main service building. 

Megiddo Dream Station - $12,750

The Megiddo Dream Station provides effective job training for people who are chronically unemployed. The grant will be used to update computers and software programs that are needed for training at their Augusta site.

Saratoga WarHorse Foundation, Inc. - $12,750

Saratoga Warhorse Foundation, Inc. was founded by a Vietnam veteran, Bob Nevins, who understood the invisible wounds, such as posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries and military sexual trauma, suffered by veterans upon their transition home. Seeing a parallel with the transition of racehorses at the end of their racing career, he created a confidential three-day peer-to-peer, action based equine-assisted experience, at no cost to the veteran.  This grant will increase the number of veterans who can take part in the program. 

SORBA - CSRA - $12,750

Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) CSRA provides hands-on work to ensure local trails are properly maintained and able to be utilized for health, fitness, and fellowship for all area citizens. This includes not just mountain bikers, but walkers, hikers and trail runners. The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to complete the work scope contained in the Forks Area Trail System (FATS) Master Plan.

Southeastern Firefighters’ Burn Foundation – $12,750

Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation provides assistance to families of burn patients being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctor’s Hospital. The Chavis House provides lodging, daily meals and transportation - all free of charge.  This grant will be used to design and implement a children’s waiting area dedicated to reducing anxiety for small children before surgical treatment and as they recover at the Burn Center.

The Lydia Project - $12,750

The Lydia Project’s free lodging facility and support programs make daily, lifesaving treatment possible for women and teenage girls needing cancer treatment. This grant will help cover the costs of these services. 

United Way of the CSRA - $12,750

Part of the United Way mission is to secure resources that impact the lives of those in our community.  This grant will fund Emergency Assistance for individuals and families in Columbia County who are at risk of homelessness.


University of South Carolina Aiken - $12,750

University of South Carolina Aiken is a four-year University offering bachelors and master’s degrees.  This grant will support the purchase a nine-foot Steinway piano for the Etheredge Center stage. The school is working toward becoming an All Steinway School, one of only three in the nation. 

Angelic Community Resource Development - $6,750 

The mission of Angelic Community Resources is to enhance the quality of life for the residents in Augusta through the provision of health and development activities for teens and young adults.  This grant will be used to put on an HIV Testing Awareness event

Augusta University Literacy Center - $6,746 

Following the belief that learning is a life-long experience, the Augusta University Literacy Center provides highly individualized, one-on-one tutoring sessions under the auspices of certified teachers. This grant will be used to purchase materials and equipment and train tutors in the Laubach Way of Reading. 

Communities In School - $6,750

The goal of Communities In Schools' is that more kids will graduate from school and embrace bright futures no matter their personal circumstance. Helping students become proficient readers is critical to improved school outcomes and personal success. This grant will be used for the Small Group Reading Program and will include the purchase of books for children to take and keep at home. 

CSRA - Economic Opportunity Authority (EOA) - $6,750

The CSRA EOA Permanent Housing Program provides housing plus intensive case-management for homeless persons with a documented disability of long term standing. This program helps them to overcome barriers and work on health issues, so they will be able to remain housed. This grant will help pay for utility and home maintenance costs associated with the program. 

Georgia Organics - $6,750 

Georgia Organics’ Augusta Food Oasis program is a food access and community planning initiative seeking to transform food deserts.  This grant will produce two semiannual event nights in Augusta to include awarding micro-grants to assist community projects. 

Habitat for Humanity, North Augusta - $6,750

Habitat for Humanity is all about making sure everyone has a decent place to live.  This grant will be used to purchase materials for their 19th home in North Augusta. 

Hope House - $6,750

Hope House offers treatment and family support to the most vulnerable segments of our population: those who suffer from substance use and co-existing mental health disorders or homelessness, and children who have parents with these conditions.  This grant will support their Therapeutic Child Care Center. 

Hospice and Palliative Care - $2,250

Camp Hands of Hope is a family centered and youth focused bereavement camp, held three times a year, where families who are going through the grief process can come together with others who are dealing with the same issues in an environment that is fun, safe, and relaxed.  This grant will be used to offer scholarships to the camp for children in Aiken and Edgefield counties. 

Imani Group, Inc. - $6,750

The Imani Group works to impact concerns and issues surrounding criminal justice, environmental justice, youth leadership and development and organizational management.  This grant will fund the EMERGE program - a program that offers life-altering, cognitive-based, action-oriented interventions and life-coaching to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Jenkins Community Enrichment Center - $6,750

The Jenkins Community Enrichment Center assists with computer literacy for youth, seniors and others in the South Augusta area. This grant will be used to update technology and add to the computer lab. 

Joye in Aiken - $6,750  

Joye in Aiken is a unique collaboration between the community of Aiken and The Juilliard School,considered the world's most prestigious performing arts conservatory.  This grant will connect world-class artists from The Juilliard School with 3-4,000 area students with a focus on disadvantaged youth. 

Kids ReStart, Inc. - $6,750

Kids ReStart provides visitation services for children in foster care, parenting and domestic violence classes, and support groups for families with children in foster care, or who are at risk of coming into foster care.  This grant will help cover the costs associated with these programs. 

Safe Homes of Augusta - $6,750

Safe Homes mission is to transform victims of domestic violence into survivors. This grant will help purchase additional security cameras to monitor the parking lots, have the glass on all exterior doors tinted so the inside of the facility cannot be seen from the outside and to upgrade the facility windows to be bullet proof.

Storyland Theater - $6,300

Storyland Theater presents live quality theatre, performed by adults, for children and families, especially those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to experience the "Magic of Theatre". This grant will help with production costs, help subsidize the children’s transportation costs and provide discounted tickets. 

Symphony Orchestra Augusta - $6,750

The Symphony Orchestra Augusta strives to bolster the efforts of our local schools by giving students broad access to live music performances and hands-on music education experiences which studies show lead to higher academic performance and graduation rates, less adolescent crime, and a greater quality of life for residents.  This grant will underwrite some of the costs associated with the school access program. 

That’s What Friends Are For - $6,750

That’s What Friends Are For works to save or improve the lives of companion animals and assists low income people with vaccines, spaying or neutering of their pets. This grant will be used to assist with these services. 


The 12 Bands - $6,750

12 Bands focuses on the needs of children and families facing life threatening cancers.  Due to the connection between Camp Lakeside and the Children’s Hospital, 12Bands wants to establish a music room at the camp.  This grant will help to establish the cabin.   The cabin will be equipped with instruments, a sound system, recording software and a catalog of music so the campers can be the “camp DJ”.

The American Red Cross - $6,750

The mission of the Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. This grant will help the “Home Fire Campaign” by putting smoke alarms in homes, helping with home safety checks, and assist with a school education program. 

Wholesome Wave - $6,750

Wholesome Wave Georgia believes that all Georgians should have access to healthy, wholesome, and locally grown food.  This grant will support the GF4L program, at Veggie Park Farmers Market and Burke County Farmers Market, to provide accessible and affordable fresh, wholesome foods to the food-insecure families of Richmond and Burke Counties.



The Community Foundation is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) charitable organization that exists to maintain the charitable intent of donors making gifts, allowing immediate and future tax benefits, and to act as a catalyst to help focus local philanthropy on pressing and changing community needs.

The Foundation serves as administrator of what is, in essence, a community endowment, a collection of gifts, large and small, unrestricted and donor advised, given to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Richmond, Columbia, McDuffie and Burke Counties in Georgia, and Aiken and Edgefield Counties in South Carolina.

In addition to the December 8th grant awards, the donor advised funds and agency endowments housed by the Foundation have granted over $7.7 million to non-profits from January to November of 2017.  Since the Foundation’s founding in 1996, it has granted more than $87.6 million to worthy organizations in the CSRA. 

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