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DonorCentral is the Community Foundation’s online portal providing you access to your fund(s), up-to-date information on your fund balances and fund statements.  You can also make grant recommendations and review your history. You get everything you need in one place!

Starting in October 2018, donor statements will only be available online through Donor Central.  If you would like to continue to receive a hard-copy donor statement, please e-mail or call our office 706-724-1314 before October 2018.



  1. EMAIL LINK:  You will receive a link to the DonorCentral user confirmation page.  Following the instruction on the page, establish your password.  Once the password is confirmed, the login page appears.  Using your email address and newly created password, you can then log into DonorCentral.
  1. RECOMMEND A GRANT:  DonorCentral makes it easy for you to recommend a grant from your fund or replicate previous grants you have requested.
    1. From the Main Page information, select the RECOMMEND A GRANT button, indicated below by the yellow arrow.
instructions 111 | The Community Foundation

       b. Select a charity from the drop-down menu from a prior recipient or search for a recipient that is already in our database.  If you do not see the charity of your choice, check the ADD A NEW CHARITY        box to create a new charity.

       c. Select NEXT

instructions 22 | The Community Foundation


       d. In the FUND section, you may select the FUND ANONYMOUS option.  The grant sent to the recipient will indicate “Anonymous Fund” rather than your fund name. 

       e. In the GRANT section, enter the recommended Amount, any specific Program name, Grant purpose or Special request if desired.

Instructions 33 | The Community Foundation

       f. To recommend a recurring grant, select the IS RECURRING box, and fill in the start time, end time, frequency, and any Notes.

       g. Select NEXT

instructions 444 | The Community Foundation

       h. Acknowledge the grant recommendation requirements by selecting the I AGREE box.

       i. Select SUBMIT

  • If necessary, at any time in the process click SAVE FOR LATER to store your grant recommendation without submitting.


*** PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive a confirmation email once your grant request has been submitted.  If you do NOT receive an email, please log back in to ensure that you completed your request by hitting the SUBMIT button.


   3. VIEW YOUR FUND INFORMATION:  Donor Central allows you to view, print and email fund statements.  To view fund information, select SEE MORE FUND DETAILS from the home screen.

instructions 55  | The Community Foundation
  1. Fund name, description, spendable balance and other details display.  The Period defaults to ALL, but there are options for month, quarter, year or last year.  Click one of the totals displayed and all related records and details display in the grid.  Hover the cursor over the information bubble to view an explanation of the total.

Please click the below icon to access DonorCentral

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