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Gift to Augusta University Health

The Community Foundation matched a contribution by the Augusta National and granted $1,000,000 to Augusta University Health to expand its testing capabilities. These dollars were used to pay for supplies and professional staff for the AU Health prescreening app, the drive through testing facilities, as well as lab processing. Due to this support, there is now a less than 24 waiting period for testing results, testing volume has significantly increased, and AU Health has  been able to use its capacity to serve as a reference lab for other parts of the region.


The Following Nonpfrofit Organizations Have Been Funded Through The

CSRA COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund


Funded on April 3rd - $245,000.00

The Salvation Army ($75,000) – Funding will support the conversion of the Center of Hope emergency shelter program from an  overnight only shelter into a 24-hour emergency shelter that aims to protect the homeless population from exposure to and spread of the virus, and provide safe shelter and food for approximately 120 men, women and children. Funding will also help cover costs associated with moving and expanding the daily evening feeding program. This program is open to the public for dinner and is now at the Kroc Center.

Family Connection ($75,000) – This grant will primarily focus on bringing resources to rural counties. Due to COVID-19, Family Connection sites are receiving large numbers of requests for assistance with food, rent, utilities and other supportive services. They are also helping families bridge the technology gap so children without access to the internet can continue to learn from their homes.

Golden Harvest Food Bank ($50,000) – Providing food in 25 counties across two states, Golden Harvest is working with food pantries, soup kitchens and school systems to meet the increased demand for food due to COVID-19. Funding will support the purchase of food to provide an additional 50,000 meals to residents in our communities who need it most.

Family YMCA of Greater Augusta ($25,000) – The Family Y is operating a childcare program that serves children of first responders and other essential personnel in the region who must continue to work. The grant will support the cost of providing free childcare at four Family Y locations. The grant will also help provide emergency meals for families in need.

Economic Opportunity Authority (EOA) ($20,000) – Funding will place families with children who are currently being sheltered at the Center for Hope in permanent housing and provide supportive services to stabilize their family situation and prevent future homelessness. Additional assistance will be directed toward several other families living in rural communities who are in danger of becoming homeless due to COVID-19.

Funded on April 7th - $160,000.00

ACTS of Aiken ($50,000) – This grant will support vulnerable populations in the communities of Aiken, Wagner, Jacksonville and Graniteville. Services may shift based on the changing needs of those communities but will include assistance with food, prescriptions, rental and utility assistance. 

Community Ministries of North Augusta ($40,000) – This grant will help individuals in need due to COVID-19 in the greater North Augusta and Edgefield areas. Support services will include food, rental and utility assistance. 

Child Enrichment ($35,000) – Due to sheltering in place and family stresses related to COVID-19, Child Enrichment is seeing an increase in reported incidents of child abuse.  The increase has required them to perform more forensic interviews and offer additional support and counseling services than normal. This grant will help facilitate the additional staffing hours needed to provide these services and help with costs associated with the technology needed to safely provide internet-based services.

New Bethlehem Community Center ($20,000) – Even in good times, the Bethlehem community relies on the New Bethlehem Community Center to help with food security and other essential services. Due to COVID-19 and school closures, the Center is seeing a large increase in need for food, medical supplies and other essential services related to both the elderly and families with children. This grant will help with their food and medical supply distribution programs.

Broad Street Ministries ($10,000) – While this ministry serves individuals regardless of where they live, it is a lifeline to individuals in need living in the greater East Augusta area. Due to COVID-19, they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of individuals seeking their help. This grant will help purchase food and other essential items.

Concerned Women ($5,000) – This grant will allow Concerned Women to purchase additional food to meet the growing need for their assistance. Although they work with individuals from multiple counties, they are based in Columbia County and are readily available to those residents who have been impacted by the current crisis. 

Funded on April 17th - $120,000.00

Boys and Girls Clubs of the CSRA ($45,000) – This grant will support an online academic assistance program created by Boys and Girls Clubs of the CSRA to provide structure and support for distance learning environments. Working with youth and families enrolled in Boys and Girls Clubs, the program is designed to fill technology gaps, help parents who may not have the skills necessary to home school their children, and provide a routine that keeps the students on schedule for promotion. ($30,000) – A small business incubator and nonprofit, has been asked by various public health providers to produce personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly face masks, using their 3D printers. These dollars will allow to scale this production effort and provide PPE to local hospitals and first responders in the CSRA area. Artists and gig workers who are unemployed due to COVID-19 will be hired to help with this effort.

Miracle Making Ministries, Inc. ($16,000) – This grant will help the Druid Park based health clinic with additional costs for PPE, staff hours and technology needs associated with COVID-19. Additionally, these dollars will provide prescription assistance for existing patients who are suffering from hardships brought about by the virus.

The Bridge Ministry of the CSRA ($20,000) The Bridge Ministry has been on the front lines of helping the homeless and those living in extreme poverty in our community for years. This grant will help them to purchase additional food which will serve the hard to access populations in Columbia, Richmond, Wilkes, and Lincoln Counties.

The Mosaic Center ($10,000) – This grant will help purchase food and provide other supportive services to residents who are living in Maxwell House Apartments in downtown Augusta. Many of the residents work in as-needed jobs in the hotel/hospitality industry. Due to COVID-19, most residents have not had the opportunity to work and need assistance.

Funded on April 24th - $170,000.00

SafeHomes ($50,000) – Due to COVID-19’s shelter in place directives and pressures around loss of income, SafeHomes is seeing an increase in women and children who are fleeing from domestic abuse or who need resources to help with stressors in the home. This grant will help pay for those needed resources to include costs associated with housing additional families and providing hotels when the shelter has no available space. 

Community Medical Clinic of Aiken County (CMCAC) ($30,000) – This grant will help this health clinic with the increased costs for additional personal protective equipment (PPE), staff hours and technology associated with COVID-19. Additionally, these dollars will provide prescription assistance for patients who are suffering from hardships brought about by the virus.

CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc. (EOA) ($25,000) – Due to COVID-19, EOA is receiving an increased number of calls from individuals needing housing assistance. This grant will help stabilize those individuals, providing needed resources that will allow them to stay in their home and not become homeless. Also, dollars will be used to help people find housing who have been evicted due to a loss of income. 

ForcesUnited ($25,000) – During the COVID-19 crisis, ForcesUnited remains dedicated to connecting warriors and their families with resources that improve and stabilize their lives. This grant will assist with the escalating needs faced by these individuals who have raised their hand to serve our country and will include assistance with employment, housing and food needs due to this pandemic. 

Christ Community Health Services ($20,000) – Masks have proven to be a vital part of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Through a partnership with Carole Fabrics, Christ Community will use these dollars to purchase 4,000 locally made masks and distribute them to patients of Christ Community Health Services and other vulnerable populations in the greater Augusta area. 

Communities in School of Augusta Richmond County (CIS) ($15,000) – This grant will provide vital services such as assistance with shelter and utility costs, food, medical needs, transportation costs and childcare to families impacted by COVID-19 that have been referred to CIS by school principals, teachers and counselors in both the Richmond and Columbia County school systems.

Burn Foundation of America ($5,000) – Due to hospital visitor restrictions because of COVID-19, families are unable to visit with family members who are receiving treatment at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital. Connection to family has proven to be a vital piece of a person’s ability to heal from critical burns, and many patients do not have access to their own devices during treatment. This grant will pay for tablets that will allow families to visit remotely while the patient receives care. 

Funded on April 30th - $170,000.00

That’s What Friends are For ($50,000) – Due to COVID-19 animals are being abandoned at an alarming rate. To address fostering, food and vetting needs and to help animals stay in their existing homes where family resources may be scarce, five animal rescue groups will work together throughout eight counties to making sure these animals stay in their homes, or if fostered stay in good health until they can once again start their adoption programs.

Ronald McDonald House ($25,000) – In preparation of making the house fully operational again, Ronald McDonald House will incur extraordinary costs associated with cleaning the facility to a COVID-19 standard.  Once the house is again fully operational those costs will continue to be a burden on the program.  This grant will help pay for those critical services so that residents who have fragile health diagnosis will be safe while seeking treatment at the hospital.

Woodlawn UMC Preschool and Child Development Center ($25,000) – Providing childcare to the children of first responder and critical workers who are working through the COVID-19 crisis.  They are also providing a food pantry for the parents of the child enrolled in their care.  Finally it will also cover the costs associated with daycare cleaning and PPE requirements.

Gap Ministries ($20,000) – Assist with the added costs for their food and diaper distribution, and prescription program.  The grant will also help them with the costs of PPE needed to allow for food distribution due to COVID-19. All three programs are seeing higher numbers of request, it is also becoming more expensive to secure needed items. 

Giving Kitchen ($15,000) – Due to COVID-19 and its impact on restaurants, the Giving Kitchen has seen a surge in requests for assistance from food service workers throughout the CSRA.  This grant will allow them to provide additional financial aid around rent, utilities and food to those individuals in our area. 

Hope House ($15,000) – Due to COVID-19 and job losses residents of Hope House are not able to pay for Child Care for their children while they are in meetings and counseling sessions.  Hope house has quickly established an on-site childcare program for these needs.  This grant will help pay for this program. 

The Hale Foundation ($15,000) – Men who are in treatment at The Hale Foundation have also found themselves out of work due to COVID-19.  This means they are temporarily unable to financially support a portion of the cost of their treatment and living expenses.  This grant will allow the program to cover some of the costs associated with the men’s treatment so they will not have any disruptions to their recovery.

Augusta Dream Center ($5,000) – The Augusta Dream Center has seen a dramatic increase in food requests in South Augusta. This grant will assist with the purchase of food for the elderly and shut ins who are in need.  


Total Funded to Nonprofits to Date:  $866,000.00

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